Tuesday, 01 May 2007

Conditions improve and the teams have a good day at Shark Park

The team has just returned and Shark Park delivered 4 tiger sharks and 30 blacktips. The visibility improved to 15m and the dreadful thermocline has gone. The north easter picked up this afternoon and is predicted to blow tomorrow - not too strong but the seas have been so flat that any breeze seems to irritate us right now. One of the scientists, who is part of our collaborative Tiger Shark Research Project has been battling to come to terms with freediving as a method of observation, finally made a breathhold dive to 10m. This dive surpassed his previous best of 6m. Although this is a fraction of the depth and dive capabilities of many of our clients and staff we recognise the personal milestone and wish to congratulate Matt on his achievement. Matt was probably inspired by the presence of the project leader Prof. Vic Peddemors. Prof. Peddemors has just arrived from Australia to conduct the attachment of the PAT tags to two tiger sharks to monitor their movements over a much wider area than just the Shark Park. He is also here to check on the project progress. Given that we have had such a good season we hope that the professor will be impressed with the volume of data we have been able to collect. Many photographers and videographers have contributed valuable images to the database and we hope to upload this to the blog in the next few days.

We have to collect a small tiger for the uShaka Marine World Predator Exhibit this week and everything is in place for a successful collection.

Wolfgang Leander is still in town and is converting my entire client base from Scuba Divers to snorkelers. Wolfgang's passion for sharks has been greatly infectious to our team and all of our clients.We are now in our last week with Wolfgang and are certainly going to miss him - that is if we let him leave at all!!!!

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