Thursday, 10 May 2007

Done: The first ever 24hr tarackof a tiger shark on the African continent!

The scientific team succesfully tracked a 2.2m(pcl) female tiger shark for 24hrs. This is the first ever 24hr track of a tiger shark on the African continent and one of the few ever done in the world.This was the culmination of a week in which we successfully PAT tagged two girls and completed this track. The team are tired but extremely happy with the results.
A big thank you to all involved: Prof. VicPeddemors, Dr. Malcolm Smale, Dr. Matt Dicken, GeremyCliff, Mike Meyer, Syrika Singh, Pam Le Noury, Thom Peschak, Samantha Owen, Leslie Rochat. From the Blue Wilderness side a big thanks to staff skipper/guide/photographer Sijmon De Waal for tagging the shark,Keith Roussouw and Mark Addison for skippering in the case of the 24hr track and the same staff for attaching the PAT tags.
All in all a successful week and there is still the dive report from today at SharkPark:
The current was light north to south with visibilty of about 8m. There were three tiger sharks and over 20 blacktips. The team surfaced to attrocious surface conditions brought on by amassive cold front which is passing over the country. Hopefully this will clean the water and all will be back to normal tomorrow.

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