Thursday, 24 May 2007

Made it to sea the last two days but poor visibility and cold winds leave the experience to the hard core only!

The icy winds and poor visibility of the last two days have not deterred the hard core Shark Park team. The seas have been huge but all the regular Tiger tribe girls have been in attendance and although the Blacktip shark numbers are down there are still 20 or so to entertain. The surface temperatures have been 7 celsius but the water is a balmy 23 celsius. The visibility has been in the 5m-6m range. There was a distinct clean line that the team passed through on the way back so we are hopeful for tomorrow.

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Wolf Leander said...

Mark, you know what we hard core freedivers say:

"No wave too rough, no.....too tough, we dive - at five" :-)

If you don't know the dotted part, ask Keith (or Sijmon)....

I would still go out wid da boys, even if the viz were a mere 4 m....