Saturday, 05 May 2007

Reasonable day at Shark Park

The team returned from Shark Park having played with 3 tigers, 40 blacktips and 2 bulls. the visibility was between 5m and 12m with very little current initially. The current picked up from the north later in the dive and hopefully we will have some great visibility tomorrow. We need the tigers to get back on the go as they are still skittish.The plan is to deploy two PAT tags on Monday. If the water temperature increases we should see the tigers back on the game.
Wolfgang Leander had a red eye flight out of Durban and is on his way back to Bolivia this morning.We had a great evening with him last night and he is such an inspiration. No doubt we will miss him - according to Wolfgang it won't be too long until he is back! I certainly think that the little big man will have a piece of Africa in his dive bag for along time to come.

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