Tuesday, 08 May 2007

Second tiger PAT tagged and now just 24hr track to go to finish summer science season at Shark Park

The scientific team returned from Shark Park today with a second successful PAT tag deployment. A 2.2m female tiger shark known to the team as "Topnotch" was fitted with a PAT tag.She was already tagged with an acoustic tag.
The team have now deployed 20 "pinging" tags and 2 PAT tags. We are going to attempt a 24hr track of one of the girls tomorrow. If successful the Blogg will only be updated after the track.
There were 7 different tigers and only 10 Blacktips.The visibility was 15m and the water temp. 23 celsius. We are expecting a wind from the south overnight and hopefully the visibility will improve.
Thom Peschak got some great pictures for the Save Our Seas Foundation Tiger Shark Project and Lesley Rochat got the video sequences.

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