Sunday, 13 May 2007

Teams opted to go offshore and although no sharks some fascinating stuff!

After the poor visibility at Shark Park on Saturday, photographer Thom Peschak took a big gamble and the team gave Shark Park a miss and headed into the wild blue yonder. The team found Sperm Whales, Spinner Dolphins and two logs which were providing shelter for Dorado and Wahoo. The visibility was endless and the team saw tuna in the 100kg range.
Tomorrow we head for Shark Park again with delegates from the Indaba Tourism Show. The visibility has improved inshore and we are expecting an epic day before the next cold front arrives. News just in is that a lone Ragged Tooth has entered Shark Park and hopefully there will be more to follow.
The team also found a fish which we are unable to identify and will forward it to Dr. Phil Heemstra at SAIAB for further research into it's identity.

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Wolf Leander said...

Not fair!! Reading all this fascinating ocean stuff makes me want to cry in my landlocked Andean country....

Missing you all, including Roger, and 'dem tiga girls'.