Friday, 08 June 2007

Shark Park delivers some good visibility and both P.A.T. tagged sharks show up!

The teams at Shark Park have had some great diving over the last few days. Perhaps the most important information is that both P.A.T tagged individuals from last months scientific work have come back from their travels. I am not sure how long they will stay before they wander off again but there is no doubt that the tags will reveal all when they pop off in a few month's time.
The visibily has varied between 10m and 20m. The camera team have had up to 10 tigers and 60 blacktips over this last week. From a slow start they finally hit the high notes towards the end.
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1 comment:

Wolf Leander said...

Up to ten tigers!!!!! Wow!!!!!!!!!

Keep'em, don't let'em go!!!!

I will spend one full month with them next year, maybe five weeks!!!!