Sunday, 16 December 2007

Shark Park team have an unexpected bonus!

The team at Shark Park had two unexpected encounters with Black Marlin as well as a fantastic shark dive with 3 tigers, 30 blacktips and 20 duskies. On the trip home the team spent some time in the water with the Aliwal dolphin pod to round off a fantastic day. Visibility was 12m-15m and the water temp. was 24 celsius for the first 5m and dropped a degree or two below that. We are still plagued by a cut off low and thus no sunshine was the order of the day again.
We also managed a Crittercam Deployment on one of our girls from the Save Our Seas movement studies programme. The deployment was very successfu and delivered some unexpected results with our young lady cruising over rays, sneaking up on kingfish and generally just swimming in her regular pattern.

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