Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Bad visibility at Shark Park but the sharks still play!

The team at Shark Park have had two good days with sharks but two days of poor visibility. The current has swung from an offshore to an onshore and the water column has not been any the better for it. In fact it almost seems a zero sum (and that just about describes the visibility).

The tiger and blacktips have performed well but the duskies seem to have all but left. This is normal for this time of year but as we have become so used to them it has left a bit of a hole in our days diving. The whale sharks have been consistent but the inshore visibility has been poor and thus although we can still swim with them you can just about only appreciate the spots. With all of the rain it looks as if the poor inshore visibility is here to stay but I am hopeful for the next few days offshore.

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