Monday, 18 February 2008

Shark Park in trouble!

The teams at Shark Park have been having great Shark Park dives with tigers, blacktips and whale sharks stealing the show. The bad news is that on the 15th Feb 2008 a fishing boat - Lucky Lady N9 skippered by Rustin Naidoo - beached at Park Rynie with three dead tiger sharks on board. This tragic event has caused a furore but more importantly has been ineffectively handled by the authorities in the form of Marine and Coastal Management's local enforcement office - eKZN Wildlife and their officer for the area Paul Buchel . It is illegal to land with tiger sharks onboard anywhere in the Aliwal Shoal Marine Protected Area. This regulation has been blatantly flouted! We have lost at least eight of the tiger tribe in the last two weeks - to illegal fishing practices in a Marine Protected Area. What is the point of having all of the laws if they are not going to enforce them!
Would the last person to leave please switch the lights off - or did ESKOM already do that!

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