Friday, 21 March 2008

Shark Route teams in the south blown off the water!

The Shark Route team in the south have been battling weather and visibility. Today the team is shore bound due to big winds. Despite the weather set back, this amazing group headed by legendary shark freediver/photographer Wolfgang Leander has had engaging discussions. Julie Andersen from SHARKSAVERS gave us a private screening of Rob Stewart's movie "SharkWater". The film affected us profoundly and has been a source of much debate in the down time. Mark Harding is currently doing a film in similar vein and his insights have been invaluable in formulating a strategy going forward for South Africa's sharks as we see it.
This "A"-list of shark nuts is on it's way to Shark Park on Sunday and will certainly have a lot to say about the "Tiger Tribe" and the rest of the sharks of Shark Park. Julie will be looking to see how she can help in our efforts to "Give Sharks a Chance!"

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