Wednesday, 16 April 2008

The team at Shark Park are having fun:

The team at Shark Park have been having great shark diving with tigers, bulls and blacktips the order of the day. We are incredibly priveleged to have World Champion Freediver Fred Buyle with us. Fred and his team of freedivers are working with the sharks on breath hold and getting some amazing images. The benfits of freediving are many and these guys have definitely shown us a phenomenal way of interacting with the sharks unencumbered by noisy SCUBA apparatus. We will be running freediving courses later in the year so that everyone can take advantage of this amazing technique.

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Wolf Leander said...

Fantastic idea! Free-diving with fellow free-divers, be they regular folks like Felix or me - or world champions free-divers like Fred, Pierre, and William is BY FAR the best way to experience, and enjoy, the tigers! Blue Wilderness should become the one and only shark operation which caters exclusively to free-diving!!! I said it last year and I say it again.... Hahahaha - I laugh but I mean it. That would set Blue Wilderness apart from the rest of "dem" all!!