Monday, 19 May 2008

SA Freediving Champion leaves Shark Park but will be back to swim with the Tiger Girls again soon!

SA Freediving champion and AIDA Freediving Instructor, Hanli Prinsloo, completed the first freediving courses ever held in the Aliwal Shoal MPA. The goal of the courses was to certify all of the Blue Wilderness staff at Shark Park in the realm of Freediving. The training was invaluable and although the staff are all very competent in the water this helped focus the basic skills set. All achieved personal bests in the pool and open ocean environment: for example one staff member completed 100m breathold fin swim in the pool, 30m open ocean freedive and 4 minute static breathold. Looking after clients is our primary goal and with this ability now formalised in the AIDA structure it should give clients a lot of confidence, going forward, that we can look after them.

Hanli will be running more courses with us in the future and there is no doubt that this aspect will continue to grow for us and offer clients many hours of pleasure whilst swimming with the sharks at depth and without cumbersome SCUBA gear.


Anonymous said...

JEEP should sponsor something that is safer. Save the sharks, I'm all for it. Putting an unsuspecting prospective client in harms way is another issue.
Before we had cars we had to walk, farm,hunt,just like real human beings! Now that the majority sit in offices or have easy jobs we need to burn off this steam.
It must be great to watch your TV at night and wish you could do all this stuff you watch. Driving through streams,driving on the beach, driving off road. Sit in NYC tying your flies, you outdoor guy.
What you need to do is get a real job, work real hard, go home tired, pick your home grown vegies,
then drive your beat up truck back too work the next morning.
Maybe you should figure out how much carbon your going to blowinto the air on your flight too Africa. You may be able to afford it but what about the cost to the rest of your brothers and sisters?

Wolf Leander said...

I will not respond to Mr. Anonymous - what a stupid, incoherent comment... Was he high when he wrote this rubbish?

Hanli - just make sure that you will be around next March / April as I am VERY keen to participate in one of your freediving courses!!

Gail and Mark: Congrats!! You are pioneering the ultimate way to dive with sharks - Freediving.

As I always said: Forget the tanks, and trust the power of your lungs!

Can't wait to be back at Shark Park!!

Best wishes,


Paul said...

Well said Wolfgang. Mr Anonymous needs to sort his head out. I was one of Blue Wilderness’ clients that week and so was allegedly put 'in harms way’. What a load of tosh! In my view, there is far more to fear from unstable web bloggers!

Mark/Gail, I’d just like to say thanks for such a fantastic and enjoyable experience. The sharks were amazing, and it was great to be helped along the way by Lisa, Steve, Marcus and the other crew. You are your team’s knowledge, enthusiasm and professionalism created the ideal environment for an extremely memorable trip.

Meeting Hanli and Roger was an added bonus, as it was the Carte Blanche film crew. It’s obvious that all this interest goes to show you are working within one of South Africa’s and the world’s most important yet accessible marine areas. Keep up your good work in researching and promoting the sharks and other wildlife that you are so privileged to have there.

Hopefully I'll have the chance to get back sometime soon. And maybe next time I’ll try to rely on my lungs instead of the tanks as Wolfgang suggests.

Thanks again and very best wishes,

Paul, UK