Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Cold water persists but Blacktips and Duskies stick it out!

The cold water persists and the duskies and blacktips are still as prolific as ever. There have been islolated sightings of tigers but they are off their best and it seems we will just have to wait for the warmer water. A surprise visit by a white shark was one of the highlights of last week and just yesterday the first of the scalloped hammereads made an appearance. The ragged tooth sharks are still here in numbers although certainly less than the heady days in July when they numbered in the hundreds on the reef. Visibility has been on the low side with 5m-8m being the norm.


Graham Wallington said...

Geez dude, we need some pics with these Blog postings. I know the water is cold, and you aren't as young or fit as me, but come on get in and snap some shots!!!lol
Just having fun with you, I really enjoy the updates on shark park.

Wolf Leander said...

Guys, next time you see a whitey make sure that you have a camera with you. So easy to say "we had a GWS" - when you can't prove it!!! Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!

Seriously, such memorable encounters should be described with some detail (how far away from the divers, how large, what kind of behaviour, what depth, how long did it stick around, etc).

Any chances to see whites in the summer months?

Best wishes to all of you.

The Old Wolf