Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Blue Wilderness team in Europe and the U.K. - like fish out of water!

The team from Blue Wilderness, lead by Mark and Gail Addison, headed for Europe last week where they were hosted in Belgium by Steven Van De Voorde and his wife Elke from Wild Water. Steve and his team were incredible and the setting for our talk was the fantastic Aquatopia Aquarium in Antwerp. Steve spoilt us rotten and it was with a heavy heart that we left. Thanks so much to all of the incredible people we met - Belgium rocks and we will be back! Special thanks to Francois and Bert - the heart and soul of Steve's team - for a great time. A warning to any South African wanting to drink Belgian beer - it kicks!!

After a brief meeting with legendary Belgian freediver and all time nice guy Fred Buyle at Brussels airport, it was off to Birmingham in the U.K. for the Dive Show 2009. The show organisers, Diver Magazine, put on an incredible show and the resounding success of the show will no doubt make a huge contribution to lifting the spirits in these tough economic times.

The highlight of the show, for us, was the legendary Captain Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd and his inspirational, passionate and insightful speech. The Captain galvanised the audience into action and there is no doubt that our oceans and its inhabitants need him to succeed in his mission.

From a Blue Wilderness perspective, the conservation bodies exhibiting at the show all did a fantastic job and it is great to see this vital work in such good hands. Having said that, they all need our help - so don't just sit back and expect things to happen - get involved!

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