Saturday, 26 December 2009

Shark Park'sTiger Tribe is lonelier this Christmas!

A tiger shark was killed in the Scottburgh shark nets on Christmas Day. The animal was rotting when we got to her and managed to cut her out andd tow her offshore to avoid multiple mortalities by the morning. probably what Sharks Board were hoping for sothat they could sell more shark products under the guise of bather protection and marine research!


Wolfgang Leander said...

The nets MUST come down!!!

Why are the administrators of the NSB so intransigent?

There must be ways to make them reconsider their duties to "protect" bathers from the precious marine life they are mindlessly killing.

Great Barrier Reef Swim said...

I agree 100% Wolfgang - all shark nets to be removed worldwide. This is one of the awareness objectives of the Great Barrier Reef Swim.

Fiona Ayerst said...

oh so sorry to hear about this... what a beautiful shark and what a damn waste! When will man stop killing animals and realizing how vital they are to our existence. Unfortunately, the recent attack at Ponto will probably make people feel this death is justified- the world really is a harsh place and man just makes it harsher!

Israel-Light said...

Dear Mark Addison,

We created this website and we are very much against shark nets too. We are a charity and wonder if you would allow us to use your image of the shark caught in your net in our book. Kindly advise. Thank you.

-Israel Light