Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Another Whale Shark washes up dead on the beach at Scottburgh!

A 5m whale shark has washed up on the point south of Scottburgh. The whale shark had been washed across the point and is currently stuck in a red tape tussle regarding it's disposal. The KZN Wildlife bureacracy have in their wisdom decided to bring a frontend loader onto the beach and cut the whale shark up to take it to a landfill site. Not that our landfill sites are not overflowing with medical waste and the like. Given that the death is a tragedy and also that there is scant if any scientific literature on what scavenges on a dead whale shark it is yet another case of South African custard heads (I mean conservation services) ineptitude. Bear in mind that you may not drive a beach buggy on the beaches in our Marine Protected Area but here our conservation services are sending tons of plant and machinery onto the beach to drag a whale shark ashore and cut it up!!!!

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