Monday, 18 October 2010

Another good week for the Sharks of Shark Park

The team at Shark Park had another good period of weather and water which gave clients an opportunity to interact with two of the Tiger Tribe and a pair of bull sharks who were uncharacteristically friendly. The regular Blacktip Pack have been in full force and although the visibility dropped to a low of 8m it also provided a three day trot of 20m. Water temperatures were consistent and thus the improved shark sightings and apparently early return of the big tigers. Whale sharks have also made a surprisingly early arrival and so far we have had an animal sighting per week.

Tim Goodenough joined the Cancer Awareness drive for testicular and prostate cancer by posing with the Blacktip Pack in a red speedo, a 37 floor elevator drop, a bridge swing in the Moses Mabhida Stadium and completing the Daredevil Run in Johannesburg in the same scanty attire. Well done Tim!!!!!!!!!!

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