Monday, 21 February 2011

Trying January and February with water not playing ball!

Although the 31st Dec 2010 saw the old year out with ten Tiger sharks on the dive we have battled through January with not a single tiger seen. This past week saw 3 tiger sharks in residence and although the water was down to a chilly 15 ceslius earlier in the month we seem to have left this behind and with the warmer waters the tigers have been back to their best behaviour. Blacktip numbers have been good with up to 35 on a dive but have also suffered with the cold waters in February. The forecast going forward sees us taking a bit of swell from cyclone Bingiza as she wanders to the south east of Madagascar but water visibility is up to twenty meters and temperature up to 25 celsius on the surface with a big move from 18 celsius on the bottom to 21 celsius overnight the signs of a positive outlook going forward are there.

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