Thursday, 26 April 2007

4 Tigers and forty Blacktips at Shark Park today!

A good day in the water with the tiger sharks and blacktip sharks of Shark Park. The visibility was approximately 20m but the north easterly winds of the last two days have dropped the temperature by a degree, although 24 celsius is not cold coming from the 25/26 celsius on the days preceeding this it comes as a culture shock.

We had two groups out and both teams had good activity. The conditions weren't as good as the previous days and Thom Peschak didn't get what he was after - but he still has a few days.

Wolfgang Leander is still going strong and shows no sign of weakeness after a full week on the boat. The team is looking forward to the weekend and hopefully the bad weather that has been predicted will not be as severe. We hold our breath.

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