Thursday, 26 April 2007

Busy day at Shark Park and hence late posting

The 25th of April was a big day for all of us at Shark Park. It was the last day for the collections team from Two Oceans Aquarium in Capetown. The team were here to collect specimens for their East Coast Fish exhibit and have done exceptionally well. Quality fsh will be shipping to Two Oceans in the next few days to be put on display. Certainly worth a visit if you are in the area. The Shark Park team also had their last day with photographer Roger Horrocks. His dive buddy and fellow cameraman, Wolfgang Leander, is still with us. The teams had a strong south - north current, 30m visibility, 26 celsius water temp. and light north easterly winds. All in all a perfect day. The Shark Park team also fetched renowned underwater photographer Thom Peschak from the airport with his assistant Samantha Owen. Thom is here for the tigers and the Mullet Run. Find out more about the Mullet Run on our sister blog or look on our website:

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