Monday, 14 May 2007

6 Tigers and 40 blacktips with patchy visibility at Shark Park!

The team returned from Shark Park having had a great day with the animals but very patchy visibility. The vis. range was from 5m to 25m. The thermocline was at 5m and although the water temp. was only marginally different beween the surface at 24 celsius and below 5m it was enough to make photograhy below the thermocline quite poor. It was Thom Peschak's last day at Shark Park this time round. Thom got some great images of the blacktips and surfer on Quiksilver surfboard. No doubt you will see them in the popular press in the near future. We are now a week after Wolfgang Leander left and the staff are just getting their energy levels back!!! But seriously we miss THE OLD WOLF!! I have seen a few pics that Wolfgang has taken and suggest you take a look at for his latest pictures from Shark Park.

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