Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Down day for Shark Park teams as South Wester blows through!

The team at Shark Park had a day on the shore at Shark Park as the South Wester passed through. Dropped Thom Peschak and Samantha Owen at the airport en route to Capetown. Thom has done some great work at Shark Park over the last 14 days. This was a forced stop over as Thom waited for the possibility of an early Mullet Run - to no avail. We wait patiently for the next window of opportunity for Mullet and then have Thom back for the Sardine Run with our recreational boat.
The down day meant a trip to Durban and brief meeting with the team at Quiksilver and Jeep Clothing and Accessories. Steve Uppink and Arthur Limbouris have been great supporters of the Blue Wilderness team and with Thom Peschak it seems that the sky is the limit with what can be achieved with the Sharks of Shark Park. Thom has a vision for an iconic image of a surfer and sharks .... I can say no more but believe me this sequence of images that Thom will be attempting will take the surfing world by storm.

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