Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Shark Park teams have great conditions and good sharks with a guest appearance by Isabella!

The teams at Shark Park have been spoilt for choice with sardineshoals in the area, whales and of cours the Shark Park regulars. The team had 15m vis. and perfect surface conditions on the weekend. The team who dived on Monday had the privilege of playing with some sleeping Humpback whales for 20 minutes but the undoubted highlight was seeing Isabella. This little member of our Tiger Tribe has been put in the shark exhibit at uShaka Marine World twice! She has also come back to Shark Park within a month of release on both occasions. On her second stint at uShaka she was able to recover from a vicious fishing gear incident to her back and left in better shape than she arrived. The time in captivity alllowed the back to heal nicely and it was great to see her back at Shark Park and playing with five other girls. There were also approximately 10 blacktips. The low blacktip numbers are most definitely realted to the abundance of Sardines on the coast. The Shark Route teams have taken advantage of the pilot shoals of Sardines and the huge numbers of sharks of all species predating on them. See there report at http://sharkroute.blogspot.com

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