Monday, 28 July 2008

After a time in the wilderness, Blue Wilderness returns!

The team at Shark Park have been busy whilst the Gail and Mark lead a team to the Okavango to dive and generally have fun. The Shark Park team have had some great Ragged Tooth Shark diving. In all of my years at Aliwal I have never seen as many raggies. I am also getting reports of raggies from reefs all around Aliwal. A great sign and gives me hope going forward. Dr. Matt Dicken, who did his Phd on the Ragged Tooth Shark population and distribution showed that this population was robust in South African waters and this year we at Shark Park are seeing this first hand - long may it continue. We have had reasonable tiger diving in average visibility but low water temperatures. There is definitely a correlation between Tiger sightings and water temperature. Basically the lower the temperature the poorer the sightings. Nonetheless it has still been good with blacktips filling in the gaps. Wea re still seeing human induced scarring on the animals in the form of bullet wounds and powerhead wounds. We will be addressing these issues going forward and will update the blog on the progress. For some interesting pics on the Okavango Expedition see

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