Wednesday, 09 May 2007

24hr Track begins

The team returned from Shark PArk today with mixed results. The divers had 3 Tigers for all of 5 minutes and then only one. At no time were there more than 4 Blacktips. Although the visibility was 20m the water temp. dropped another degree to 22 celsius and the sharks were all a little below par. The team did manage to deploy a continual pinging tag on one of the female tigers and the first scientific relay are already tracking her. The second team will launch at 16h00 (S.A. time: +2hrs GMT) to take over the track for the nightshift. This is a first in the history of Tiger shark tracking on the African continent.
Watch this space to see what she did overnight.
A message to Wolfgang Leander (if you are out there?) - give us a name for her. She is 2.2m and has the upper lobe of the caudal missing. I was not on hand to tag but it sounds like "Paddle Tail" from last year. She has only been a sporadic visitor this year.

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Wolf Leander said...

Call her "Dances with Wolf" - next year i will kiss her!!!!